There are plenty of cheap airline companies that fly from the United Kingdom or Ireland to our golf destinations. In fact, the destinations we select are close to an airport.

Booking a flight yourself is easy
Booking a flight yourself is easy and beneficial. You will find cheaper flights on the internet than at any travel agency. At Costa Golf you are completely free to choose your own travel dates so your holiday can be tailored to the flight of your choice.

What to book first? Your holiday or flight?
Based on our offer you may book your flights. If you want to make absolutely sure that the desired accommodation is available, we are happy to check this for you. If requested, we will pre book your accommodation for you.

Where can you find cheap flights?
Looking for cheap flights? Take a look at the websites below:
Air Berlin

If you don´t want to book the flight yourself we are happy to help you. We will select the best and cheapest connection for you. We estimate a provisional sum of € 150 for a return flight. However, you are charged on the basis of the actual flight cost. For this service we charge a € 12 fee per return journey.