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Golf handicap
One of the main differences between golf and other sports is that you need a special certificate – a golf handicap certificate – in order to play golf. This website provides information on golf handicaps. For further information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

What is a golf handicap?
Most golf courses require a handicap as a minimum admission requirement. If you want to play golf, it is important to get your golf handicap. See also: golf handicap explained.

How to get a certified golf handicap?
If you want to obtain your golf handicap, it is wise to do a special golf handicap certification course. You will obtain your golf handicap certificate once you have passed the theory and practical exam. See also: how to get a golf handicap and golf handicap certificate.

Learn to play golf
One of the most popular schools run by Costa Golf is 'Learn to play golf'. This intensive tuition course teaches you all the basic techniques and rules of golf in just six days. School is concluded with an exam. See also: learn to play golf.

Get your golf handicap in Spain
A golf handicap can be obtained just about anywhere. So why not on a Mediterranean golf course on a Spanish Costa, Tenerife (Canaries), Portugese Algarve while on a sunny holiday? See also get your golf handicap while on holiday and get your golf handicap abroad.


Golf handicap explained
A golf handicap is the average number of additional swings that a player requires on top of the Professional Average Rating (PAR) of a given golf course. A handicap also proves that you have the skills required to play golf. In the United Kingdom, as well as in other countries, you will generally require a golf handicap in order to be permitted on the golf course.

Why do you need a golf handicap?
Because you are not the only person on the golf course. A golf handicap proves that you have the skills to play at a brisk pace and that you know the rules and etiquette.

Admission to the golf course
A golf course has the right to ask you to produce a valid golf handicap certificate. This applies to golf courses in both the UK and abroad.

How long is my certified golf handicap valid?
A certified golf handicap is valid for one year and can be extended each year.

Spain's national golf association, the RFEG, uses a recognised European golf handicap system. The Spanish golf handicap certificate therefore satisfies all the criteria of the European Golf Association (EGA).

Get your golf handicap? 

Learn how to get a golf handicap.


How to get a golf handicap?
There are a lot of golf schools available with vast differences in quality, group size and approach. At Costa Golf you get quality time: high quality golf tuition during a wonderful week on holiday on a Costa in Southern Spain, Tenerife (Canaries) or the Portugese Algarve.

Results count
Golf schools at Costa Golf are very successful. 'Learn to play golf' has a success rate of no less than 98%.

Small groups, experienced teachers
'Learn to play golf' groups are limited to four people. Tuition is provided by a very experienced PGA golf professional. Not surprisingly, the quality of this golf school is extremely high.

No golf experience required
Thanks to the individual approach with lots of personal attention from the pro, our golf school is suitable for everyone. Even if you have never before held a golf club.

Sunny setting
You will receive your golf tuition on and around the Costa Blanca, Costa Cálida. Tenerife (Canaries) or the Portugese Algarve. After a couple of hours of golf lessons, you can take full advantage of the sun, sea and beach.

Programme content
During golf school, an expert pro will patiently teach you all of the basic techniques such as swing, chipping, bunker play and putting. Learning the rules of golf is made easy as you put them into practice.

No exam stress
You will be judged not only by how well you do on examination day but also based on your overall performance during the week. So if you happen to have a bad day during the exam, that does not necessarily mean you will not pass.

Upon passing the exam, you will receive an official golf handicap certificate.


Golf handicap certificate
You must pass an exam to obtain your golf handicap certificate. Our 'Learn to play golf' school therefore always concludes with an official examination.

Golf handicap theory exam
The theory exam allows the pro to test your knowledge of the rules of golf. This is a written multiple-choice test. The theory exam takes 60 minutes. You will need to correctly answer at least 15 out of 20 questions to pass the exam.

Preparing for your theory exam
Like to get a head start on your theory exam? We recommend The Golf Rules Problem Solver by Steve Newell. While not strictly required, it certainly cannot hurt!

Golf handicap practical exam
During practical exam your mastery of different golf techniques is tested, specifically your golf swing, chipping, bunker shots and putting. You will also walk a few holes under the watchful eye of a marker. The examiner will mainly check to see whether you follow the rules of golf and how you conduct yourself on the course. Your overall performance during the week will also be taken into account. So if you happen to have a bad day during the exam, that does not necessarily mean you will not pass.

Exam guarantee
More than 98% of everyone on this school passes the exam. Still didn't pass? No worries. You will be allowed to resit for free.

Get your golf handicap in a week?
Read more about learn to play golf.


Learn to play golf
At Costa Golf, you can learn to play golf and get your golf handicap in one week. It's all part of our ‘Learn to play golf’ school.

Spot the differences…
Some would say it is impossible to learn to play golf in the space of one week. But there are some big differences between golf schools…

An hour here and there or intensive tuition?
Getting a grip on golf can take quite some time if all you spend on it is one or two hours a week. Whenever picking up a new sport, it is important to start strong so you don't forget what you learn. Costa Golf accelerates your learning curve by providing daily tuition.

Large or small groups?
You will not learn to play golf as quickly in a group of ten as you would in a small group of three or four. Worse still: it is nearly impossible for a pro to give intensive coaching to more than eight people at a time. Our ‘Learn to play golf’ school is based on small groups of four people maximum.

Waiting list or immediate exam?
At many golf schools, it is impossible to get your golf handicap in a week anyway because of the waiting lists for the theory and practical exam. At Costa Golf, the exam is administered immediately at the end of school.

High success rate, satisfied golfers
One week really is all it takes to learn to play golf. The proof is our 98% success rate and overwhelming satisfaction of the people who attend our golf school. So why not put us to the test? But be prepared: we really know our stuff!

Get your golf handicap in Spain?
Read more about getting your golf handicap while on holiday.


Get your golf handicap while on holiday
Where would you rather get your golf handicap? In chilly Britain or sunny Spain? Combine 'business' with pleasure: go on a 'Learn to play golf' holiday!

Sunny locations
If you fancy getting your golf handicap while on holiday, Costa Golf offers a range of stunning locations on and around the Costa Blanca, Costa Cálida in Southern Spain, Tenerife (Canaries) or the Portugese Algarve. Holiday spirit guaranteed.

Throughout the entire year
Even in winter, Southern Spain is a spot-on destination for a golf holiday with temperatures of up to 20 degrees.

Stunning golf courses
La Marquesa, La Finca, Mar Menor, La Torre, Golf del Sur, Las Americas, Penina Golf.… the names alone! Mediterranean rock gardens, palm trees, orange groves and plains. The clear blue Mediterranean Sea. We have hand picked some of the most beautiful golf courses in the area for our golf schools.

Relaxed atmosphere
Everyone on our golf school is in the holiday spirit, so the atmosphere is quite relaxed. No pressure at all. Everything is very low keyed. You're on holiday! And that relaxed atmosphere is good for results.

And after a day of golf…
… no going back home to your daily routine. Instead, linger on the beach. Relax in the spa. Do some shopping or experience some culture in a nearby town. Take a stroll down the boulevard. Grab a table at a pavement café. Wine and dine. After all, you're on holiday!

Interested in getting your golf handicap while on holiday?
Read more about getting a golf handicap abroad.


Get your golf handicap abroad
Take a break and get your golf handicap at the same time. Increasingly more people are learning how to combine 'business' with pleasure the Costa Golf way. You may have some queries about getting your golf handicap abroad. The main questions are answered below.

Will I be allowed on the golf course in the United Kingdom if I get my handicap abroad?
Yes, at least if you get your golf handicap from us in Spain. Your EGA-registered Spanish handicap is recognised and accepted worldwide. Getting your golf handicap abroad will pose no problems for golfing in the United Kingdom.

Can I exchange my Spanish or Dutch golf handicap certificate for a UK golf handicap certificate?
No. It might sound illogical, but those are the rules of the golf association. Compare it to a driving licence. You can drive on a Spanish driving licence in the United Kingdom, but you cannot outright exchange it for a UK driving licence.

Getting your golf handicap abroad or at home: are there any differences?
The exam and requirements are basically the same everywhere in Europe. One difference is that our pro will also take your progress during golf school into consideration. So if you happen to have a bad day during the exam, that does not necessarily mean you won't pass.

Get your golf handicap now!
Read more about our golf school Learn to play golf.

Interested in another golf school abroad?
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Other golf schools
Besides 'Learn to play golf', Costa Golf also has other golf schools. We offer schools running two to six days with tuition for golfers at all levels.

Improve your handicap: Golf school for players who have obtained their handicap
You finally have your golf handicap! And now? The next logical step is to lower your golf handicap and improve your technique, game and strategy.


Improve your game: For advanced golfers: golf lessons and analysis
Lower your golf handicap, do something about those errors which have crept into your game throughout the years, perfect your course management. Golf lessons and analysis from a professional will get you there faster.

Combi get/improve your golf handicap: golf tuition for two at different levels
And what if your partner wants to get their handicap while you already have yours? Or the other way round? We offer a special golf school for couples where one person gets their handicap while the other works on improving their game and lowering their handicap.