Improve your game


Analysis, correction, optimisation. Focused, intensive tuition for advanced golfers who want to improve their technique significantly in a short period of time.

Maximum group size: 4
Exam: no
Golf school "Improve your game" (approximately 10 hours of lessons)
Use practice facilities, golf clubs and practice balls during class hours

With two hours of tuition a day for five days, your game will improve by leaps and bounds. The secret is the personal, intensive approach taken to improvement. After all, each golfer has their own points for improvement: those typical things that always take a few extra swings. This school will get you back 'on course' in no time.

Analysis, correction, optimisation
During intake, you decide which aspects of your game you want to improve as you hit a couple of balls on the driving range under the pro's watchful eye. The pro will put together an individual programme for you based on your input and his observations. You will then work intensively with the pro on those specific points to improve your game.

Benefits of improving your game at Costa Golf
• Tuition from expert, experienced golf professional
• Personal attention, individual programme
• Significant improvement in no time
• Relaxed atmosphere, stunning setting

Tip: combine this golf school with a green fee package
Many golfers book this golf school along with a green fee package. Spend a couple of hours in the morning working on your technique, and then hit the course in the afternoon to put what you've learnt into practice. It's really worth it!

Option: private clinic

Lesson in a private setting: individually, as a pair or as a trio. Ability to start any day of the week. Inquire about the costs and possibilities.