Learn to play golf


Learn to play golf

Want to get your golf handicap? All you have to do is register for Costa Golf's incredibly successful 'Learn to Play Golf' school. You receive three hours of golf tuition a day. The exam is administered on day six.

Are you already familiar with golf and finally ready to get your handicap? Never before held a golf club? Costa Golf's 'Learn to play Golf' school is suitable for everyone: for beginners and players with some prior golf experience.

Benefits of getting your golf handicap
In most countries, you will require a golf handicap to be permitted on the golf course. This is only logical. Since you will not be the only player on the course, it is paramount to be able to play at a brisk pace. Not to mention the safety aspects. That's why it's important to have mastered the basic techniques and know the rules and etiquette.

Benefits of getting your golf handicap at Costa Golf
• Tuition from expert, experienced golf professional
• Personal attention: maximum of 4 people per group
• Goals-oriented, intensive golf tuition
• Relaxed atmosphere, stunning setting

Within one week, you will learn all the basic techniques such as swing, chipping and putting. Rules of the game and etiquette are taught as well. You receive three hours of tuition a day for the first five days. School is concluded on the sixth day with a golf handicap exam. Your EGA certified golf handicap is recognised and accepted worldwide.

Golf handicap background information
Further information about the golf handicap system, exam, certificate and obtaining your golf handicap abroad can be found in the golf handicap section on this website.

'Learn to play Golf' (about 18 hours of tuition)
Theory and practical exam
Course materials for theory and etiquette
Use of practice facilities, golf clubs and range balls during tuition


Congratulations, you've passed!
If you pass your golf handicap exam, please bear in mind that there will be some extra expenses:
Administration fee: € 17.50
Golf club and golf federation membership dues: see ‘Golf handicap and EGA golf handicap for everyone’


Option: private tuition
Tuition in a private setting: for individuals and groups of two or three
Can start any day of the week
Price and options available on request


Start days for schools
Every Sunday and Monday (subject to sufficient number of participants)
Private tuition can start any day of the week