Costa del Azahar info

Costa del Azahar literally means 'orange blossom coast'. This costa is located in the east of Spain. The Costa del Azahar starts a bit below Barcelona and ends south of Valencia.


The Costa del Azahar as a holiday destination
Despite its location between two of the most famous Spanish cities, the Costa del Azahar is still relatively unknown as a holiday destination. The beaches are relatively quiet and the area is rich in nature. Parts of the Costa del Azahar are also particularly suitable for families with children, because the bottom slopes into the sea quite gradually.

The climate on the Costa del Azahar
The Costa del Azahar has a (temperate) Mediterranean climate. The winters are mild, in the summer the temperature can rise considerably. When the wind blows from the north, it brings cooling, but sometimes also some rain.

The Costa del Azahar, which is about 200 kilometers long, has many sandy beaches. These are interspersed with rocky bays, which provides a beautiful picture. Some parts of the sea have pebble, boulder or rocky bottoms. The interior is beautifully rugged and inhospitable.

Vibrant Valencia is the cultural highlight of the region. But there are more interesting places. The best known is Peniscola. A small historic town with a 14th-century castle built on a rocky outcrop far out to sea. Furthermore, the Costa del Azahar has many picturesque villages, spread all over the coast.

Golf on the Costa del Azahar
A round of golf is one of the best ways to enjoy the spectacular nature that characterizes the Costa del Azahar. You will find golf courses located in natural parks, but also courses directly on the Mediterranean Sea.


Famous places: Peniscola, Valencia
Climate: Mediterranean
Coast length: 200 kilometers
Airports: Valencia