Costa de la Luz info

This region, known as 'the Andalucian Algarve', is renowned for its historical connection with Christopher Columbus, its sunny beaches and for its fruit growing - mainly strawberries, oranges, melons, figs and mangoes. Whether you’re yearning for a golfing holiday with your family or your friends you are guaranteed to discover an unspoilt corner of Spain.

The Costa de la Luz as a holiday destination
The Costa de la Luz comprises of sun and sand; the rivers flow in channels before reaching the sea. Its name comes from a bright, vivid light that highlights the allure of its streets, the whitewash of its walls, the golden hue of the dunes and the reflection of the silver sea, the only greyish tint in this land of colour. Inland you will find varied landscapes of wild sierras, fertile countryside, pastures of fighting bulls, world-renowned vineyards and hidden villages where time passes slowly by.

The Costa de La Luz climate
With around twelve hours of daylight throughout June, July and August, Costa de la Luz truly lives up to its name. Hot days, on one of the thirty-five beaches in the area are tempered by breezes blowing in from the Atlantic Ocean, which is a beautiful, clear blue and warm all year round with temperatures averaging over 20°C.

The Costa de La Luz coastline
Located on the western most part of the Andalucía coastline, the Costa de La Luz stretches up from Cadiz to the border with Portugal. Much of the Atlantic coastline is a natural reserve; long, sweeping sandy beaches, with a backdrop of sand dunes and pinewoods, dotted with small fishing villages

Costa de La Luz culture
The Costa de la Luz is a land that is cherished by its residents, the cultures and traditions that are present in this region are as vibrant as ever. With festivals and celebrations frequently being enjoyed across the region, which have deep-rooted traditional origins, Costa de la Luz has a rich and lively culture.

Costa de La Luz gastronomy
As well as the fertility of the vineyards of the Jerez and Chiclana region, whose fame is international, the Costa de la Luz has an ample and varied gastronomy. Wild artichokes with beans, golden thistle cabbage, cuttlefish with potatoes and kidneys in sherry not to mention the fried fish and delicate seafood.

Golf in the Costa de La Luz
Over the last decade the Costa de La Luz has become home to a selection of fantastic golf courses; it’s now renowned as one of the most popular up and coming golf destinations. There is only one word to describe golf in the Costa de La Luz: stunning. An unforgettable experience, with the most beautiful sights and well kept greens you can imagine.



Famous cities: Sevilla, Cadiz, Huelva
Climate: mediterranean
Length coast: 200 kilometer
Airports: Sevilla, Faro (Portugal), Jerez, Cadiz, Gibraltar