Costa de Almeria info

Costa de Almería stretches on the Mediterranean from Adra in the south to Mojácar in the north


Cabo de Gata
The Costa de Almería is an area on the southeastern coast of Spain in the province of Almería in Andalusia. The Costa de Almería stretches from Adra, around Cabo de Gata to Mojácar. Also on the coastline is the Natural Park of Cabo de Gata/Níjar, an unspoilt piece of landscape.


The landscape is desert-like and has a low amount of annual precipitation. The area is sparsely populated and with generally small, white villages and towns, an ideal terrain for those seeking tranquility.


Spaghetti westerns
Many so-called "spaghetti westerns" have been recorded in this area because of the ideal conditions of nature, because of the desert-like landscape, which resembles the Wild West of the United States of America. In Tabernas one can visit Mini-Hollywood where these films were shot and there are also cowboy shows to watch.


On the west side of Costa de Almería are the towns of Roquetas de Mar, Aquadulce, Almerimar and Adra. More to the north are the cities: Mojácar and Vera.


Famous cities: Almeria, Roquetas de Mar, Mojácar
Climate: Mediterranean
Coast: from Adra to Mojácar
Airports: Almeria, Malaga, Murcia