Costa Blanca info

The very name the ' White Coast', gives you a flavour of what awaits you: mile upon mile of enticing white sands. Imagine yourself there: sinking your toes into the soft grains of sand with the warm Spanish sun beating down on you. Every part of Costa Blanca is indeed a treasure to discover, a place to relax and enjoy. You can bask in the sun, hide away at some secret cove, or meet new friends and party like there’s no tomorrow. Whatever you fancy, Costa Blanca is sure to please.

The Costa Blanca as a holiday destination
The White Coast is one of those resorts where everyone can find their place under the sun. From sophisticated towns where life goes on 25 hours a day to quaint little villages where the peace and tranquility is its feature. To the south is where you will find the beaches mushrooming with palm trees, the sparkling turquoise sea and rows of cafes and restaurants. One of the good things about coming on holiday to the Costa Blanca is the different type of places you can visit.

The Costa Blanca climate
The Costa Blanca enjoys the warmer Mediterranean waters (over 20C in summer) and has miles of superb beaches that make the area appealing to both visitors and expats alike. Because of the beautiful climate the Costa Blanca has been voted as one of the healthiest in the world according to the world health organisation especially benefiting people who suffer from breathing disorders like asthma and skin disorders like eczema and psoriasis.

The Costa Blanca coastline
Over 218 kilometres of coastline packed with soft sand beaches washed by calm waters. The landscape is not just defined by the sea, but also by the mountains that overlook it. Alicante is the second most mountainous province in Spain and it is here that we see the grandeur of the Mediterranean landscape.

Costa Blanca culture
When it comes to fiestas and festivals, there are so many on the Costa Blanca, you are bound to see one wherever you are, whatever time of year. As with the rest of Spain, one of the most important events is the Semana Santa or Easter Week. These deeply religious celebrations are somewhat overwhelming.

Costa Blanca gastronomy
If you had to highlight something from Spain, chances are you would mention its cuisine. And it does not matter where in Spain: Every city and town, big or small, has a characteristic dish impossible to find anywhere else. One spectacular regional dish is paella Valenciana, a rice dish, traditionally cooked on an open fire, bursting with delicious flavours of green vegetables, meat and snails.

Golf in the Costa Blanca
The Costa Blanca, on Spain’s Mediterranean seaboard, is becoming as renowned for its variety of golf courses as it is for its miles of white sandy beaches, perfect weather and many charming old towns and villages. The Costa Blanca is a pivotal area of Spain for golf, there are literally golf courses wherever you turn, all pristine and all waiting for you to play a round or two.



Familiar places: Alicante, Benidorm, Elche, Torrevieja, Orihuela

Climate: mediterranean 

Coast: 200 km

Airports: Alicante, Valencia, Murcia