Portugal info

Portugal, at the western edge of Europe, enjoys some of the best resorts, softest beaches and most alluring landscapes, all within relatively close proximity of each other. Portugal moves to its own rhythm - it's a thrillingly exciting country, where drama, beauty and warm, year round sunshine combine to make it a quite irresistible holiday destination.

Portugal as a holiday destination
Whether you’re enjoying the panoramic views that Portugal has to offer, taking a leisurely stroll or spending long, lazy days relaxing, you’ll feel at home here. Don’t forget about the nightlife and huge range of activities that will keep you occupied and entertained as much as you want. Make the most or least out of your holiday.

Portugal climate
The climate in Portugal varies considerably from one region to another and is influenced by the relief, latitude and proximity to the sea, which offers mild winters, especially in the Algarve.

Portugal coastline
Nature has blessed Portugal’s 850 kilometres of coastline with a bit of everything, from enchanting beaches to varied, breath-taking countryside. The white sandy beaches are too numerous to count and Portugal’s Atlantic coast is prized by surfers and windsurfers across Europe.

Portuguese culture
Portuguese culture is based on a past that dates back to prehistoric times and has been heavily influenced by a rich variety of countries and customs over the years. The eras of the Roman and Moorish invasions as well as the ancient societies before that have all left their traces in a rich legacy.

Portuguese gastronomy
Portuguese food is one of the most pleasant surprises for tourists. With a vast coastline, seafood plays a major part in Portuguese cuisine and the quality of the seafood and freshly caught, grilled fish accompanied by a flame grilled pepper and oregano salad drizzled with freshly squeezed lemon juice is beyond compare.

Golf in Portugal
Thanks to the great weather, Portugal is one of Europe’s popular golfing holiday destinations. There are only about 70 or so golf courses in the country, but they are very high quality. A lovely mix of woodland and links courses, some with picturesque sweeping views across the countryside, sea or mountains. You can guarantee a fabulous game on any type of course you fancy.



Surface: 92.090 km2
Capital: Lissabon
Inhabitants: 10.707.924
Language: Portugese
Currency: Euro