Porto & Costa Verde info

The magnificent city of Porto, listed as World Heritage by UNESCO in 1996, is where the country of Portugal originated in the 12th century. It is located in at the mouth of the powerful river Douro (Duero in Spanish,) which is the second largest river in the Iberian Peninsula. The rivers origin is in Soria, north eastern Spain, and on its banks, a collection of delicious wines is produced every year, all the way across the peninsula but ending with the world famous Port wine of Porto, which is exported all over the world.

Northern Portugal as a Holiday Destination
Northern Portugal is a fantastic holiday destination. Can you imagine the beauty and the history found here? Porto was one of the most important ports in the shipping times between America and Europe. Evidence of this can be found all around. The majestic old cathedral of Porto, castles and palaces everywhere, both in the region and up in the upper part of the city. Down in the lower part, is the old Port area which still looks like and makes you feel like, you´re in the 18th century.

The Climate of Northern Portugal
The climate here is to be enjoyed all year round. You will find just slightly more rain than in southern Portugal but the sheer beauty of the area makes up for that. The waters of the Atlantic might be a bit cool for swimming in the winter months, but don´t let that stop you. The mild climate of the area allows you to enjoy everything else at any given time of the year.

Culture in Northern Portugal
Go exploring when you´re here. The small mountain villages as well as the lower towns along the rivers are filled with history and warm hearted, fun loving people. It really is one of the most incredible regions of Europe. There are so many places where the original architecture still exists (many UNESCO protected areas) and this combined with the delicious Portuguese dishes and wines will assure your return to the area.

Travelling around Northern Portugal
When you are utterly exhausted from everything you´ve seen and done and feel you´d just like to relax, apart from relaxing in any one of the magnificent hotels in the area, you could sit back on a fabulous cruise, on one of the many, offered on the river Duoro. Here you have the chance to sip some delicious Tawny Port and enjoy the views of the never ending wine fields, only interrupted by a majestic castle here and there. This is really one of the most incredible holidays you’ll ever have.

Golf in Northern Portugal
After you´ve explored or maybe before, you´ll be anxious for a round of golf. You have your choice here. Whether you´d like to take in some fresh mountain air and play on an inland course or have incredible views of the Atlantic playing close to the ocean, all is possible. There are at least a dozen courses in the area. It is not only a paradise, it´s also a golfer’s paradise but when you´ve had enough of golf for the moment, not to worry. There is much, much more to do here. Apart from surfing, kite surfing and all other sea sports don´t forget that there´s a lot to do inland. One of the biggest attractions is white water rafting.