Lisbon & Costa Prata info

Portugal’s capital city, Europe’s westernmost and sunniest capital city, one of Europe's most soulful, captivating and picturesque capitals, built on a series of hills with scenic vistas from every angle. The city of the oceans, the only European capital with sunsets on the sea, so close to sandy beaches and your holiday destination?

Lisbon as a holiday destination
Variety is the spice of life and Lisbon offers all the diversity you could wish for. From fabulous sightseeing to stacks of fun activities, there is something to suit everyone on this sun-drenched slice of the Iberian Peninsular. Beautiful island trips, luxury golfing getaways, or wonderful beach breaks. You'll find everything your heart desires in Lisbon.

Lisbon climate
Lisbon's appealing climate is amongst the warmest of any European capital city. With extremely mild winters, plenty of hot summer weather and around 3,300 hours of sunshine a year.

Lisbon coastline
Lisbon is blessed as the only European capital located so close to sandy beaches. Although the waters are not as warm as in the south of the country (Algarve), the Lisbon coast offers beautiful beaches that range from sheltered little coves to miles of dune-backed sands. Most of them fly the European Union Blue Flag for excellence and are ideal for a refreshing day in the sun.

Lisbon culture
In Lisbon, the tiles tell us much about the city's turbulent past. At the São Vicente de Fora Monastery, you can enjoy a magnificent panel that depicts the conquest of Lisbon: Christians scaling walls defended by the Moslems, flags with crescent moons hoisted up, dead bodies, swords and arrows are just some of the scenes depicted.

Lisbon gastronomy
Lisbon is a city of mixed cultures, tastes and spices and you will find everything from international, to regional and prize-winning cuisines. But the charm of Lisbon's cuisine lives in its traditions. Grilled sardine is the queen during the summer and on the popular Saints celebrations.

Golf in Lisbon
In Lisbon, and in the surrounding areas, you will find 18 golf courses just a few minutes away from the city centre. Set in great landscapes and made for those who love golf and refuse to renounce the quality of life factor, these golf courses are equipped with all the facilities that the most discerning players demand.


Famous cities: Lisbon, Cascais, Estoril 
Climate: Mild Atlantic
Length coast: 90 kilometer
Airport: Lisbon