Algarve info

The Algarve is in the southernmost region of Portugal. One of Europe's favourite holiday destinations, it is well known for glorious year round sunshine and there are about 100 striking sandy beaches washed by the Atlantic Ocean.

The Algarve as a holiday destination
Algarve Holidays have long been thought of as great family holidays and beach holidays and the region has deservedly earned a reputation for golf holidays too. However the Algarve should also be known for it's truly unique contrast between the golden coastline and the beautiful rural countryside, it's many historic attractions and thousands of species of flora and fauna, making it the perfect holiday destination for interests such as photography, painting, nature watching.

The Algarve climate
Due to the maritime shelf and water currents the sea temperature can often be surprisingly warm, even in some of the winter months.

The Algarve coastline
The Algarve coast line stretches about 100 miles from the western-most tip to the Spanish border, and as well as being most well known for its expansive and extensive beaches of fine golden sands, you will also find some of the most dramatic cliff faces and rock-formations in the world.

The Algarve culture
The heritage of the Algarve is easy to see as you travel around the region: the decorative glazed tiles (azulejos) on the buildings and the flat roofed, small windowed buildings, which are signs of the Moorish influence of the past. Algarve chimneys are often quite intricate, latticework designs and have been used as a symbol of wealth: the larger and more intricate the design the higher the position in society historically.

The Algarve gastronomy
Restaurants, bars and cafés, popular with Algarvian locals offer amazing value for money and a literal 'taste of Portugal'. Salted cod is considered the national dish, and is expertly prepared nationwide. Fresh grilled sardines from beachside cafés followed by a dessert made from local almonds and fig jam are sure to get your taste buds dancing.

Golf in the Algarve
Golf in the Algarve is an unforgettable experience. The Algarve has over 30 golf courses of exceptional standard and a fantastic year round climate making it one of the leading golf destinations in the world. Host to international competitions, and with quality hotels, excellent restaurants and lively nightlife. The Algarve is the right choice for a perfect golfing holiday.


Famous cities: Faro, Albufeira, Vilamoura
Climate: Mediterranean / Southern Atlantic
Length coast: 155 kilometer
Airport: Faro