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Other golf schools

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Other golf schools Besides 'Learn to play golf', Costa Golf also has other golf schools. We offer schools running two to six days with tuition for golfers at all levels.

Discover golf: school for beginner golfers
A fun way to give golf a try. Tuition is low keyed with a high fun factor.

Golf school: Discover golf.

Golf school for players who have obtained their handicap
You finally have your golf handicap! And now? The next logical step is to lower your golf handicap and improve your technique, game and strategy.

Golf school: Improve your handicap
Golf school: Improve your game

For advanced golfers: golf lessons and analysis

Lower your golf handicap, do something about those errors which have crept into your game throughout the years, perfect your course management. Golf lessons and analysis from a professional will get you there faster.

Golf school: Improve your game
Golf school: Course management
Golf school: Masterclass

Combined school: golf tuition for two at different levels
And what if your partner wants to get their handicap while you already have yours? Or the other way round? We offer a special golf school for couples where one person gets their handicap while the other works on improving their game and lowering their handicap.

Golf school: Combi get/improve your golf handicap