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Learn to play golf

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Learn to play golf At Costa Golf, you can learn to play golf and get your golf handicap in one week. It's all part of our ‘Learn to play golf’ school.

Spot the differences…
Some would say it is impossible to learn to play golf in the space of one week. But there are some big differences between golf schools…

An hour here and there or intensive tuition?
Getting a grip on golf can take quite some time if all you spend on it is one or two hours a week. Whenever picking up a new sport, it is important to start strong so you don't forget what you learn. Costa Golf accelerates your learning curve by providing daily tuition.

Large or small groups?
You will not learn to play golf as quickly in a group of ten as you would in a small group of three or four. Worse still: it is nearly impossible for a pro to give intensive coaching to more than eight people at a time. Our ‘Learn to play golf’ school is based on small groups of four people maximum.

Waiting list or immediate exam?
At many golf schools, it is impossible to get your golf handicap in a week anyway because of the waiting lists for the theory and practical exam. At Costa Golf, the exam is administered immediately at the end of school.

High success rate, satisfied golfers
One week really is all it takes to learn to play golf. The proof is our 98% success rate and overwhelming satisfaction of the people who attend our golf school. So why not put us to the test? But be prepared: we really know our stuff!

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