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Golf handicap explained

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Golf handicap explained A golf handicap is the average number of additional swings that a player requires on top of the Professional Average Rating (PAR) of a given golf course. A handicap also proves that you have the skills required to play golf. In the United Kingdom, as well as in other countries, you will generally require a golf handicap in order to be permitted on the golf course.

Why do you need a golf handicap?
Because you are not the only person on the golf course. A golf handicap proves that you have the skills to play at a brisk pace and that you know the rules and etiquette.

Admission to the golf course
A golf course has the right to ask you to produce a valid golf handicap certificate. This applies to golf courses in both the UK and abroad.

How long is my certified golf handicap valid?
A certified golf handicap is valid for one year and can be extended each year.

Spain's national golf association, the RFEG, uses a recognised European golf handicap system. The Spanish golf handicap certificate therefore satisfies all the criteria of the European Golf Association (EGA).

Get your golf handicap?
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