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Golf handicap certificate

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Golf handicap certificate You must pass an exam to obtain your golf handicap certificate. Our 'Learn to play golf' school therefore always concludes with an official examination.

Golf handicap theory exam
The theory exam allows the pro to test your knowledge of the rules of golf. This is a written multiple-choice test. The theory exam takes 60 minutes. You will need to correctly answer at least 15 out of 20 questions to pass the exam.

Preparing for your theory exam
Like to get a head start on your theory exam? We recommend The Golf Rules Problem Solver by Steve Newell. While not strictly required, it certainly cannot hurt!

Golf handicap practical exam
During practical exam your mastery of different golf techniques is tested, specifically your golf swing, chipping, bunker shots and putting. You will also walk a few holes under the watchful eye of a marker. The examiner will mainly check to see whether you follow the rules of golf and how you conduct yourself on the course. Your overall performance during the week will also be taken into account. So if you happen to have a bad day during the exam, that does not necessarily mean you will not pass.

Exam guarantee
More than 98% of everyone on this school passes the exam. Still didn't pass? No worries. You will be allowed to resit for free.

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