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Get your golf handicap abroad

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Get your golf handicap abroad Take a break and get your golf handicap at the same time. Increasingly more people are learning how to combine 'business' with pleasure the Costa Golf way. You may have some queries about getting your golf handicap abroad. The main questions are answered below.

Will I be allowed on the golf course in the United Kingdom if I get my handicap abroad?
Yes, at least if you get your golf handicap from us in Spain. Your EGA-registered Spanish handicap is recognised and accepted worldwide. Getting your golf handicap abroad will pose no problems for golfing in the United Kingdom.

Can I exchange my Spanish golf handicap certificate for a UK golf handicap certificate?
No. It might sound illogical, but those are the rules of the golf association. Compare it to a driving licence. You can drive on a Spanish driving licence in the United Kingdom, but you cannot outright exchange it for a UK driving licence.

Getting your golf handicap abroad or at home: are there any differences?
The exam and requirements are basically the same everywhere in Europe. One difference is that our pro will also take your progress during golf school into consideration. So if you happen to have a bad day during the exam, that does not necessarily mean you won't pass.

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