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Golf handicap

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Golf handicap One of the main differences between golf and other sports is that you need a special certificate – a golf handicap certificate – in order to play golf. This website provides information on golf handicaps. For further information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

What is a golf handicap?
Most golf courses require a handicap as a minimum admission requirement. If you want to play golf, it is important to get your golf handicap.
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How to get a certified golf handicap?
If you want to obtain your golf handicap, it is wise to do a special golf handicap certification course. You will obtain your golf handicap certificate once you have passed the theory and practical exam.
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Learn to play golf
One of the most popular schools run by Costa Golf is 'Learn to play golf'. This intensive tuition course teaches you all the basic techniques and rules of golf in just six days. School is concluded with an exam.
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Get your golf handicap in Spain
A golf handicap can be obtained just about anywhere. So why not on a Mediterranean golf course on a Spanish Costa while on a sunny holiday?
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