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Improve your handicap

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Improve your handicap

Serious about pursuing golf? 'Improve your handicap' is the next logical step after 'Learn to play golf'. A goals-oriented approach to improving your golf handicap.

Hours: 15 hours Maximum group size: 4 Exam: no
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Golf school overview

Many golfers underestimate the step from registering to lowering their handicap. This school will help you take that step. The aim is to get your game to a level where you can confidently return the scores necessary to lower your golf handicap.

What is a golf handicap?
The golf handicap system was developed to make competition between players of differing skill levels more even. A golf handicap is the average number of addition swings that a player requires on top of the Professional Average Rating (PAR) of a given golf course. The better the player, the lower the handicap.

Why improve your handicap?
A golf handicap is required in order to measure how well you stand up to other golfers in competition. A lower handicap will also give you access to golf courses with a certified golf handicap.

How to improve your handicap?
By returning the results of your qualifying scores. You can lower your certified golf handicap by returning three qualifying scores within one year. In Europe, the rules of the European Golf Association (EGA) apply.

Benefits of 'Improve your handicap' at Costa Golf
• Tuition from expert, experienced golf professional
• Personal attention: maximum of 4 people per group
• Goals-oriented approach: focus on lowering your golf handicap
• Relaxed atmosphere, stunning setting

You receive two hours of tuition a day for the first five days. This starts by brushing up your skills. Filling in score cards and converting to Stableford points will be covered as well, if required. Next, you will focus on improving your technique and game. The last day is spent walking nine holes with the pro. A certified golf handicap is required to take part.

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Prices and dates
1 pers.
2 pers.
3 pers.
4 pers.
01-01-2018 / 31-12-2019
£ 601.14
£ 472.14
£ 420.54
£ 368.94
Prices based on number of golf school participants
'Improve your handicap' (about 15 hours of tuition)
Use of practice facilities, golf clubs and range balls during tuition
Option: private tuition
Tuition in a private setting: for individuals and groups of two or three
Can start any day of the week
Price and options available on request
Start days for schools
Every Sunday and Monday (subject to sufficient number of participants)
Private tuition can start any day of the week
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