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Combi get/improve your handicap

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Combi get/improve your handicap

Obtain your golf handicap in a week while your partner works on improving their game. Together in one class but each at your own level.

Hours: 18 hours Maximum group size: 2 Exam: yes
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Golf school overview

There are many couples where one person is a seasoned player and the other wants to get their handicap. By popular request, we have developed a special couples programme. While one person gets their handicap, the other works on improving their game and lowering their handicap.

Private tuition with special programme
In this programme, the pro divides his attention between one person who wants to get their handicap and the other who wants to lower their handicap. The person getting their handicap takes part in our 'Learn to play golf' school that concludes with a theory and practical exam. The tuition for the registered golfer is based on our 'Improve your handicap' and ‘Improve your game' schools. During intake, the pro will put together a tailored programme for the two of you that takes account of your individual level and goals.

Benefits of combined tuition at Costa Golf
• Tuition from expert, experienced golf professional
• Personal attention: maximum of 2 people per group
• Together in one class but each at your own level
• Relaxed atmosphere, stunning setting

Golf handicap background information
Further information about the golf handicap system, exam, certificate and obtaining your golf handicap abroad can be found in the golf handicap section on this website.

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Prices and dates
2 pers.
01-01-2018 / 31-12-2019
£ 558.14
Prices based on number of golf school participants
Private golf tuition for two people (about 18 hours of tuition)
Theory and practical exam
Course materials for theory and etiquette
Use of practice facilities, golf clubs and range balls during tuition
Congratulations, you've passed!
If you pass your golf handicap exam, please bear in mind that there will be some extra expenses:
Administration fee: £ 17.50
Golf club and golf federation membership dues: see ‘Golf handicap and EGA golf handicap for everyone’
Start days for schools
Private golf tuition can start any day of the year
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