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Course management

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Course management

Practical training for the advanced golfer with the focus on improving tactics and strategy. Based on 2 x 18 holes with a pro.

Hours: 10 hours Maximum group size: 4 Exam: no
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Golf school overview

Golf is not only about proper technique; it takes keen insight as well. The best way to improve your tactics and strategy is to have a pro observe, analyse and coach you during a round of golf. That is exactly what happens during our course management programme.

Strategy and technique
During school, you will play two rounds of 18 holes under the watchful eye of a pro. You will receive specific on-course guidance and tips to improve your game plan. This hands-on approach makes it easier to remember what you learn. What’s more, it will automatically become part of your game. The emphasis is placed on strategic and tactical aspects such as course management and choice of clubs. Where required or deemed useful for your technique, handy tips and tricks for various parts of the game will be given as well.

Benefits of 'Course management' at Costa Golf
• Tuition from expert, experienced golf professional
• Personal analysis and coaching
• On-course advice: 2 x 18 holes
• Relaxed atmosphere, stunning setting

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Prices and dates
Prices based on number of golf school participants
'Course management' (about 10 hours of tuition)
2 green fees for golf school
Use of practice facilities, golf clubs and range balls during tuition
Option: private tuition
Tuition in a private setting: for individuals and groups of two or three
Can start any day of the week
Price and options available on request
Start days for schools
Every Sunday and Monday (subject to sufficient number of participants)
Private tuition can start any day of the week
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